Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wise Thoughts to Ponder

A long life may
not be enough but
a good life is good


All truth is good
but not all truth is
good to say.


Anger is just 1
letter short of


To handle
yourself, use your
hear. To handle
others, use your


Revenge gets you
even with your
enemy. Forgiving
him puts you above


It's better to
remain silent & be
thought a fool than
to open your
mouth & prove it.

From Ogie +639108101463

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

50 Skills Every Geek Should Have

Gizmodo, the gadget blog, has come up with a list of 50 skills that every geek should have.

Take a look...

1. Install a hard drive in a laptop
2. Perform a clean OS install on a machine with two OSes
3. Swap out the battery on your iPod/iPhone
4. Jailbreak an iPhone
5. Wire your house for Ethernet and Coax cable
6. Use BitTorrent and RSS to automatically download new shows from trackers
7. Use an A/V receiver to its fullest capability (every port is taken)
8. Calibrate an HDTV without the manual
9. Use a DSLR in full manual mode
10. Hack the encryption and mooch your neighbor's Wi-Fi
11. Solder cleanly enough to get around a circuit board
12. Use your 3G phone as a Wi-Fi access point
13. Shove the guts of a modern game console into a retro game console
14. Design a webpage in HTML by hand that features a picture of your cat
15. Use Photoshop to imperceptibly doctor a photo
16. Abstain from buying extended warranties
17. Know where to buy cheap cables and accessories
18. Fix your parents' computer over the phone without looking at a computer
19. Enter the Konami code
20. Comment on Gizmodo from your phone
21. Type quickly using T9 texting
22. Program a universal remote
23. Contribute code to the Linux kernel
24. Hide porn from your significant other
25. Avoid DRM on everything
26. Know how to back up your data to networked storage—and actually do it
27. Watch TV shows on the internet for free
28. Edit together digital video ripped from YouTube
29. Play any SNES game on your computer through an emulator
30. Reset expired trial software by messing with the registry
31. Hackintosh your PC
32. Download pre-release movies from Usenet
33. Hack the Wii to play homebrew games
34. Get around web content filters on public computers
35. Get into a Windows computer if you forgot your password
36. Securely erase your data so it can't be recovered
37. Share a printer between a Mac and a PC on a network
38. Build a fighting robot
39. Write your own Firefox plugins
40. Navigate and reorganize the files on your computer in DOS
41. Get something on the front page of Digg
42. Get through to executive customer service
43. Rip a CD to V0 quality MP3s
44. Rip a DVD to DivX
45. Build your own computer from parts
46. Swap out the hard drive in your DVR for a bigger one
47. Get an NES cartridge working again by blowing in it
48. Calibrate a 7.1 surround-sound system
49. Play downloaded games on a Nintendo DS
50. Talk about things that aren't tech related

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Modernong Salawikain

"Natuto kang
lumandi magtiis ka
sa hapdi."

"Nasa kama ang
sarap, nasa ospital
ang hirap."

"Kapag libog ang
pinairal, sira ang

"Walang pangit sa
t*t*ng galit."

"Pangit man daw at
maliit sa paningin,
nakakabuntis din."

"Mahapdi man sa
unang tikim,
luluwang at
luluwang din."

From Jagram +639194574224

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Student's Life


Todo aral
no syota
puro laro


Konting aral
patagong syota
bawas laro


Walang aral
sabay-sabay syota
sa kama na naglalaro.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm finally unveiled

After months of rumors, the Storm—the first-ever touchscreen BlackBerry—is finally official, and it's set for Verizon Wireless (exclusively, for now) later this fall.

Verizon hasn't coughed up a hard-and-fast release date for the Storm—nor any pricing details, for that matter—but this much we do know: It'll pack in dual-mode CDMA and GSM radios for full-on world calling, 3G access (both EV-DO Rev. A and HSPA), GPS (along with turn-by-turn directions), Bluetooth (including the A2DP profile for stereo Bluetooth headsets), and a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus.

Measuring 4.4 by 2.4 by 0.55 inches and weighing in at about 5.5 ounces, the Storm (which is also set to arrive in Europe through Vodafone) looks to be roughly the same size as an iPhone or the upcoming T-Mobile G1, so it should be reasonably pocketable.

The centerpiece, of course, will be the Storm's 480 by 360-pixel, 3.25-inch glass display, which will support multitouch (good for two-finger gestures, a la the iPhone). Even better, though, is a feature that RIM calls "ClickThrough": a design that lets you "distinctly feel the screen being pressed and released with a gentle click" for a "highly intuitive experience." Sounds promising, but whether the Storm's display actually delivers the tactile experience that's missing on the iPhone and the G1 remains to be seen.

In addition to the multitouch display, the Storm will also come with an ambient light sensor, along with an accelerometer that'll automatically turn the screen when you hold the phone sideways. Speaking of which: When it comes to entering text, holding the Storm in a landscape view will give you a full QWERTY touch keypad, while in portrait mode you'll get a SureType keypad (or the same layout as on a BlackBerry Pearl).

Naturally, messaging will doubtless be one of the Storm's strong suits. Expect full-on BlackBerry e-mail support, complete with push e-mail and access to POP and IMAP e-mail servers. Also on board: SMS, picture and instant messaging.

The Storm will also come with full-on Office document editing—including support for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents—courtesy of DataViz Documents to Go. Of course, plenty of other BlackBerry applications are already available, and there's word that a branded BlackBerry store is on tap, similar to Apple's App Store and the Android Market.

Besides its 3.2MP camera, the Storm is set to arrive with full HTML Web browser (double-tap to zoom, tap and slide to scroll), a video and music player, with Verizon promising smooth, full-screen video playback. There's also a 3.5mm jack for your earphones, 1GB of internal storage, and a microSD expansion slot for another 16GB of flash memory.

All in all, sounds like a formidable package, although something's missing if you look carefully: Wi-Fi. Ugh.

Source: Yahoo! Tech

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Stretch your patience

Got this one on my Friendster Account...coming from my friend Adona Elaine Araracap.

Nakakahaba 'to ng pasensya...grabeh!!!

1. I need 2 tell u something, read number 5
2. Are u in a rush? read number 8
3. Are u curious? read number 9
4. Look its the following….u betta read number 15
5. I havent got the guts….just read number 17
6. I would like to tell u..but u should read number 16
7. I’ll tell u…but first read number 2
8. Its very simple…just read number 4
9. Dont get nervous..its simple..jus read number 18
10. Not yet…but read number 19
11. Are u gettin tired? relax…just read number 13
12. Like i was sayin….read number 3
13. You’re nearly there….read number 20
14. Just dropped by 2 say HI THERE,wassup!! hihihi..brrrr!
15. Ur getting nervous..just read number 6
16. U still dont get it? just read number 12
17. Oh! im embarassed….read number 7
18. I dunno if u’ll understand…just read number 10
19. Read number 11…slowly…and u’ll find out
20. Now im’a tell u….read number 14…really
quietly ok?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone, not a 'hit' in Japan

The latest iPhone released by Apple Inc worldwide back in June and July may have met sales expectations in the US, European countries, Australia and even in the Philippines, but not that much in Japan.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the demand for iPhones in Japan has fallen 33% since it was first launched in the country in July.

Sales have been slowed by the iPhone's relatively high price and the fact that Japan is already home to some of the world's most advanced cellphones.

"The iPhone is a difficult phone to use for the Japanese market because there are so many features it doesn't have," says Eimei Yokota, an analyst with MM Research.

The sales target in Japan was 1,000,000 units of iPhones, but the actual sales is just over 200,000 in two months and would not even reach 500,000.

Not a surprise though, because Japan has already embraced phones with 3G features ahead of other countries.

Unlike the iPhone, Japan's self-produced phones also have features that suit the needs of the Japanese people.

Despite of this, the Apple's iPhone generally remains as the most sought-after phone in the world.

Hope somebody could give me one. Haha!

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Masikip Daw

GIRL: Ma bkt
sumisikip ang bra q
twing nki2ta q
yung clasmyt kong

MOM: Hayaan mo
anak, wag ka
magsuot ng bra
bukas pra yung
brief nman nya ang

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Love Quotes 001

dnt nsist
f 8s nt 4u.
f u cnt ber
d pain try 2 quit.

fnd smbdy hul luv
& f u cnt fnd,
try 2 w8.

Luv wil lst wen u
knw hw 2do d
oposit of wt 8 ask.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storyang Kuripot

Studnt: magkno
rice nyo?

Tindera: P5.

S: ung tutong?

T: libre.

S: tutong n lang.
Ung gulay

T: P15.

S: e ung sabaw?

T: libre.

S: sabaw n lng po.


S: may coke kau?

T: (cguro bibili na
tlaga to) uhmmm...

S: bigan mo nga ako.
Eto oh...
tansan... free coke
daw.. :-)

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life's LIttle Instructions

1. Never tell a
person who's
experiencing deep
sorrow, "i know
how u feel,' u don't.

2. never risk what
u can't affor to

3. once a year, go
somewhere u've
never been before.

4. remember that
the formula for
great love is
communication +

5. when declaring
ur rights, don't
forget ur

6. remember that
not getting what u
want is sometimes
a stroke of good

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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Only Girl

Magsyota sa

BF: Alam mo Luv,
ikaw lang ang 1st girl
na dinala ko d2.

GF: Singungaling!
Sbi nila lagi ka d2!

BF: Oo, pero ikaw
lang tlga ang girl!

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The Right Medicine

Dti ang
gamot sa
sakit ng ulo


hndi na dw
uso yon!

ano na uso???

BiogeSEX!!! ehe..

Forwared by Dante,

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Apple's iPhone 3G comes out this July 11

Three more days and the highly anticipated iPhone 3G finally becomes available.

According to the promotional kits, the said iPhone 3G is twice as fast and is half the price of the original iPhone.

The price of an iPhone 3G ranges from $199 to $299.

In the Philippines, GLOBE Telecom has committed itself to distribute the new iPhone 3G in the country, as soon as it becomes available.

Learn more about the new iPhone from this video...

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ang Huwarang Anak

Dear Anak,

Naipdla q na ang
50 libo pn tuition
mo, pnagbli n nmen
ung klabaw ntin.
Ang mhal pla counterstrike n
kurso! Wla nrin pla
tau mga baboy,
naipgbli nrin nmen
pra dun s cnasabi
mung projct, Nokia
N73 b yun?
Ang mhal nman ng
projct mo!
Ksma dn dun
7 libo pra s field
trip nyo s Mall of Asia.
Mlayo b un,
bkt ang mhal?
Issanla p nmin
playan pra mbili
mo ung
instrumentong i-
pod. Npailaw nio n
b ung pngppuyatan
niong snmig lyts?
Sna grumduate k

Nanay at Tatay

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


GF: taguan tau!

BF: Cge b! ano
premyo k pg
nhnp kta?

GF: Sex tau...

BF: Uy, wow! Gusto ko yan.
eh pno pg d kta

GF: eeeiii..Kainis
to, bsta! nsa likod
lng aq
ng drum!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kung Fu Panda, from theater to mobile

The high anticipation for the DreamWorks animated film Kung Fu Panda, which is up for release on Friday, has brought new anticipation for video and mobile games.

Inspired from the potential blockbuster hit, Kung Fu Panda™ mobile game is now on hand as announced by EA Mobile™.

The said mobile game features the entertaining charactes from the movie, amazing fighting styles, action-packed mobile adventure as the player goes through 10 levels of fun, learning and excitement.

For now, Kung Fu Panda Mobile Game is only available in North America, but it will be available in Europe by the end of this month.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bogart and Jun

lagyan mko tatoo

JUN: bakt?

Nppgkamalam akong

JUN: Cge san mu
gus2 patatoo?

BOGART: sa kilay
lng pra mukhang

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Inspirational Quote 002


1 step

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Usapang Mag-Asawa

MRS: Dear, bago
mo ako naging
asawa, ilan ang
naging chix mo?

MR: Selos k lang!
Wag na.

MRS: Cge na!

MR: Kulit mo! O
cge, der was
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ikaw,
den 6, 7, 8.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cellphones can affect men's potency

That's according to a recent study by the scientists in University of Segeda in Hungary.

Wow, that's totally one shocking finding.

According to the study, men who put their cellphone inside their pants' pockets are most likely to lose a big percentage of their active sperm cells.

The scientists recommend to put cellphones in bags instead.

Read the full article: (Courtesy of

Men who carry their cellphones in the pockets of their pants or on the belt are likely to lose their potency, as reported by Sunday Times. The research in question was conducted in the University of Segeda in Hungary.

According to the study, men using cellphones on a regular basis lose about 30% of their active sperm cells. Men carrying their cellphones in the pockets of their pants subject their potency to greatest danger. These were the conclusions of a medical research conducted by Hungarian scientists from the University of Segeda, where 221 men were observed and inspected during 13 months. These men were divided into two groups: those using their cellphones regularly and those, who seldom use their phones. During the research scientists compared the quantity and quality of active sperm cells men from both groups had. The results proved that the use of cellphones decreases the quantity of active sperm cells by one third; moreover, not only the concentration is affected, but also the mobility of the cells, which affects the chances to conceive a baby.

The current research was the first of the kind, i.e. one that provided proofs of negative effects of using cellphones on men's potency. Additionally, scientists claim that even in sleep mode cellphones are harmful, as they are constantly searching for a connection with a nearby communication station.

Thus, scientists advise keeping cellphones as far as possible from vulnerable parts of the body, for example, keeping them in handbags.

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PROMDI: "Lam q
promdi lng aq kya
wg mkong lo2kohin!
Bkt gnito
ang kwarto q??

maliit, wla pang
kama at bntana,

RUMBOY: "sir nsa
elevator p lng

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

4th International Mobile Gaming Awards 2008 winners

The winners for the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2007 edition have just been anounced Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

Best Casual Game - Treasure Arm by Tequila Mobile (Poland)
Best IP-based licensed - Furby Island by LemonQuest (Spain)
Best 3D - One by Digital Legends (Spain)
Best Gameplay - Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol by Jadestone (Finland)
Operators Choice - Metal Gear Solid Mobile by Ideaworks3D (UK)
Public Choice Award - WRC 3D by Firemint (Australia)
‘Grand Prix’ - Metal Gear Solid Mobile by Ideaworks3D (UK)

The IMGA is considered as the largest mobile games competition in the world.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cutie Quote 003

Just because my eyes
don't tear doesn't
mean my heart
doesn't cry.

And just because I
come out strong
doesn't mean there's
nothing wrong.

Often, I choose to
pretend I'm happy
so I don't have to
explain myself to
people who would
never even

Smiling has always
been easier than
explaining why I'm

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Cutie Quote 002

I'm a
I really
didn't mean
to do it...

good looks
could kill...

Please naman...

Don't look at me...

I don't wanna see you

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Inspirational Quote 001

If you want to have
what you've never had.
then you must do what
you've never done...coz
if you only do what you've
always been doing, you
will only have what you've always been

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Cutie Quote 001

has a
to display
its most
sa door pa lang
nakadisplay na
portrait mo!

katabi ng
billboard ko..

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just For Today

just for today,
decide to be happy.
to live with what is
yours. if u cant
have what u want,
maybe u can like
what u have.

just for today,
decide to be kind.
be cheerful. be
agreeable. be
understanding. be
your best. dress
your best. talk
softly. look for the
bright side of
things. praise
people instead of
criticizing them.

just for today,
try it. after all, its just
for a day. who
knows, u might like
it and do it again

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sa taeng
palabas na."

a quote that
courage and
& shows a
quality of a
good decision

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Your Perfext Txt M8

Have you found your perfect txt m8?

Oh well, I haven't found him yet but I'm still hoping he will come not so soon this 2K8.
Who is a perfect txt m8?

For sure, nagkaroon ka na ng napakaraming txt m8s at malamang isa siya sa mga sumusunod: (courtesy of Tristan Cafe forum)

1. Kitikitxt - Sila ang mga texters na 24 hours na laging nagtetext, kahit nasa banyo iyan at naliligo text pa rin ang drama. Isang text lang, reply agad sila (ang bilis nga eh mas mabilis pa sa kidlat o sadyang mabagal lang talaga ako magtext!) walang sawang nagtetext kahit lumindol, magkatsunami, o dumating ang mga UFO's sa mundo text pa rin ang drama nila. Kahit mag-uumaga na nagtetetext pa rin siya.

2. Kowtsero/Kowtsera - Sila ang mga texters na mahilig magsend ng mga walang kamatayang mga kowts at jokes na nakakasawa na. Dahil diyan, nagmumukhang bangko ng kowts ang aking selpon.

3. PBB texter - Sila ang mga texters na halos lahat ng mga nangyayari sa kanilang buhay ay itinetext nila. "Kain mode ako", "Naliligo", "tomguts na ako!" ang laging mensahe na kanilang ipinapadala. Ano ba yan? Huwag niyong gawing parang Pinoy Bog Brother ang aking selpon. Wala akong pakialam kung anong nangyayari sa inyo sa kasalukuyan. "Libre kita" na mensahe
masisiyahan pa ako ng sobra!

4. Pengeko - Sila ang mga texters na mahilig humingi ng mga kowts, jokes at kung anu-ano pang inspirational messages iyan. Basta kahit ano raw, basta mensaheng kanilang hinihiling. Mga walang awa! Huwag niyo ako isali sa kalokohan niyong iyan dahil hindi ako marunong mag-unli!

5. Magna - Sila ang mga texters na MAGNAnineyears na eh hindi pa rin
nagrereply. Kung magrereply man, limot mo na kung ano bang mensahe ang isinend mo sa kanya para magreply siya ng ganoon o ganyan. Walang kwenta!

6. Matipid - Sila ang mga texters na napakatipid kung magreply ng mga mensahe. Isang word lang ang kaya nilang itext sa iyo at minsan isang letra na lang kung talagang tamad. Letrang "K" lang ang kayang ireply sa'yo. Ganoon na lamang ba iyon kahirap para samahan mo naman ng letter "O" para naman maging "OK"! Masyado kang matipid daig mo pa ang kuripot na Intsik!

7. Shortcutter - Sila ang mga texters na ang mga mensahe ay pinaghalong numero at letra. "Kta tau l8r wag u limot" ang halimbawa ng kanilang
mensahe na sa totoo lang hirap na hirap kong basahin dahil hindi ako ganoon kagaling sa ganyang larangan.

8. Imbentor - Sila ang mga texters na napakagaling mag-isip ng mga bagong salita para maghello o hi sa mga katext gaya na lamang ng "eeOoOwWw!", "zTah nA?!". Nakakahilo na nga kung babasahin mo. Isa pa, pinapahaba pa nila ang bawat
salita na gagamitin gaya ng pagdagdag ng letrang "h", "z", "?!?!?!", "^", "~"
at kun anu-ano pang simblismo iyan para maging kyut daw ang dating! hay.

9. Importante - Sila ang mga texters na nagtetext lang kung kinakailangan o importante. Walang halong mga simbolismo at letrang pampahaba.
Detalyado ang bawat mensahe. Ginagamit niya ang selpon ng maayos. Hindi siya
nagrereply kung ang mensahe lang naman ay "Musta na?", "gawa u?", para sa kanila ang mga texters na yan ay walang magawa sa buhay.

10. Suki - Sila ang mga texters na buhay na talaga nila ang pag-offer ng mga bagong ringtones, logos, picture messages at kung anu-ano pa. Minsa'y
sila rin ang dahilan ng pag-ubos ng iyong load. Sila ay hindi na talaga maalis sa sistema ng paggamit ng selpon. Karamihan ay isinusumpa sila.

O ano, isa ba dyan ang pinapangarap mong txt m8?

I think someone is missing on the list, a txt m8 who is generous (sa load hehehe).

Given the existence and dominance of unlimited call & txt, gaan txt, all txt, lahat txt o kung anu-ano pa, sadyang napakahirap na ngang makahanap ng ka-txt na magpapasa or magsi-share ng load sa 'yo.

Kaya para sa 'kin, ang perfext txt m8 ay marunong magbigay ng load, kahit 2 pesos lang, ayos na!


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