Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone, not a 'hit' in Japan

The latest iPhone released by Apple Inc worldwide back in June and July may have met sales expectations in the US, European countries, Australia and even in the Philippines, but not that much in Japan.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the demand for iPhones in Japan has fallen 33% since it was first launched in the country in July.

Sales have been slowed by the iPhone's relatively high price and the fact that Japan is already home to some of the world's most advanced cellphones.

"The iPhone is a difficult phone to use for the Japanese market because there are so many features it doesn't have," says Eimei Yokota, an analyst with MM Research.

The sales target in Japan was 1,000,000 units of iPhones, but the actual sales is just over 200,000 in two months and would not even reach 500,000.

Not a surprise though, because Japan has already embraced phones with 3G features ahead of other countries.

Unlike the iPhone, Japan's self-produced phones also have features that suit the needs of the Japanese people.

Despite of this, the Apple's iPhone generally remains as the most sought-after phone in the world.

Hope somebody could give me one. Haha!

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Masikip Daw

GIRL: Ma bkt
sumisikip ang bra q
twing nki2ta q
yung clasmyt kong

MOM: Hayaan mo
anak, wag ka
magsuot ng bra
bukas pra yung
brief nman nya ang

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