Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things we must be thankful for

1. worries at the
start of the day:
means you are still

2. headache at the
end of the day:
means you can still
work hard

3. clothes that don't
fit: mean you have
a good appetite

4. the mess to clean
after a party:
means you have
friends around you

5. roof that needs
fixing: means you
have a house

6. taxes to pay:
means you aren't

7. too many text
messages from
friends: means you're

From joan +639182279036

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Cute Story

Since her crush
didn't talk to her,
the girl missed him
so much.

One night, while
walking, she saw
her crush with
another girl. Know
what she did?

She called her
crush saying...
'Hi baby, sino siya?
Sabi mo sabay
tayong kakain. May
kakausapin ka lang
pala. I love you.'

His crush blushed!

and the girl who is with her crush
'O kayo na pala ng crush mo eh.
Pahingi-hingi ka pa
ng advice..'

From dennis +639093651024

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