Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love Quotes 002

"mas magandang
bigyan ng chance
ung taong
naghihintay na
mahalin mo,

kesa balikan ang
taong minsan ka
nang niloko at
kusang tumakbo
palayo sau."


"the most tiring thing to
- to think.
to think of someone who
doesn't even think of you.

the most expensive?
- to smile.
to smile even though you're

the hardest to regain?
- trust.
to trust someone who always
disappoints you.

the most painful?
- loss.
lose someone you love the most.

the easiest escape?
- to pretend.
to pretend that you're happy
even though you're not.

the most challenging?
- to move on.
to move on of something
you can't live without."


"Don't get my
personality and my
attitude twisted,

because my personality
is me, and my attitude
depends on you!"

Forwarded thru SMS by Eric and Denmar


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